's game information and ROM (ISO) download page for MediEvil 2 (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (Sony Playstation). You may also like these PSX ISOs. Download Medievil II (USA) PSP Eboot ROM ID: SCUS video game published by Sony released on April 30, for the Sony PlayStation (PSX). MediEvil II, or MediEvil 2 in its PAL release, is the follow-up to the original PlayStation release MediEvil. PSX on PSP / PSX2PSP eBoot ISOs.

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    Medievil 2 Psx Eboot

    ISOs» PSX on PSP» M» Medievil II (USA)» Download. Medievil II (USA) ISO Download Links: Love this game? Write a review! Rating: /5, 33 votes. Have it the way the first Medievil game for the PSP was. I totally agree i love the medievil series i have all them both ps1 ones and the psp 1. MediEvil 2: Unknown: Video Games. Sony Playstation 1 COMPLETE System Console PS1 PSX MediEvil Resurrection - Sony PSP. Sony.

    The world of Gallowmere has been thrown into darkness and the dead have risen to become the ghoulish army of evil wizard Zarok. Dan must prove his would-be heroic credentials and return the land to the living, even if it means ending his own un-dead life. Fondly remembered The MediEvil series of games from Sony Cambridge are still fondly remembered by players of all ages across the world. A selection of very early designs for the first Medievil. I had scratched the surface with 3D graphics on a game called Strike some years before, but that was a very crude attempt at 3D modelling. When the team started work on MediEvil everything was new to us, these really were pioneering days! I remember marvelling at our first animating 3D object that walked across a flat plane, or the time when we got our first textured landscape up and running. These breakthrough moments usually came at around am, after we had pulled many long nights.

    Scientists have now proved that these events never took place, and that most of the claims were merely the result of the high level of disease prevalent in the capital at the time. However, one mystery of the time remains unresolved, that of the disappearance of industrialist and socialite, Lord Palethorne of Shoreditch Some time after Dan's death, Zarok discovered a book of Black Magic and used an ancient spell to make the dead rise from their graves to form a legion of zombie warriors.

    A side effect of this was that Dan also returned from his "eternal rest". Quickly realising that something was wrong, Dan embarked on a quest to destroy Zarok once and for all.

    Medievil II (USA) PSP Eboot | Cdromance

    Having put everything right again, Dan returned to his crypt and died. Responding quickly to the crisis in London, the Professor summoned a help spirit and despatched him to the Great Museum to find Sir Dan. As Kift will be busy trying to find a solution to the crisis, he'll need Dan to do some of the leg-work for him, fetching items and facing some hideous monsters in the process. The Professor is an old-fashioned figure; he believes in honour, gentlemanly conduct and respect for all.

    He can, however, be a little single-minded, focussing on the 'big picture' to the total exclusion of all other factors. However, he is a decent sort, and as he's now in his mid-fifties and not the strongest of men, he's eternally grateful that Sir Dan has been revived to help in the fight against Palethorn's evil plans. Fortunately for her, he was very old and died before he was able to consummate the marriage.

    Unfortunately she was selected to accompany him on his journey to the afterlife as his bride through eternity. In , many of Ramesses' possessions, including the contents of Kiya's tomb, were recovered from a tomb at Abu Simbel and brought to Europe, where they were eventually placed in the Great Museum. When she awakens, she's a little startled to discover that she's dead, though she cheers up when she discovers that the removal of her internal organs as part of the mummification process has given her the most trim waistline.

    Charming and enthusiastic, he can brighten even the darkest room with his cheery, sweet nature. Unfortunately, he's also a ghost, which limits his involvement in proceedings somewhat. But Winston is all-too happy to help and eagerly joins in with the adventure whenever he feels he can be of use.

    Medievil II (USA) PSP Eboot

    He has exploited every opportunity and his hungry for social acceptance - he even changed his name from Reggie Pallthrop and bought a title to make him seem more a part of the establishment. Unfortunately for him, he still has a strong London "Cockney" accent, and in times of stress his accent becomes stronger and more noticeable. Palethorn believes that Black Magic may be the key to power and wealth, and in his researches he has "acquired" an ancient book of sorcery Loyal to Palethorn out of stupidity and fear rather than duty, these two men are exploited and bullied by Palethorn to do his bidding.

    As a side effect of the spell cast by Palethorn, both men have mutated into creatures that reveal their primal natures: To complain to their master about this They are motivated by greed and self-preservation, and support Palethorn only because no-one else can offer them what he does - which, strangely enough, is relatively nothing.

    Over the next few pages, you'll find hints and advice that should help you get the most from this game. We recommend you study this manual carefully before starting a game.

    Press the button to stop here, this is the Main Menu. Here you will find a choice of options. This will take you to the 3 coffins to the right of the Main Menu.

    MediEvil 2/Manual

    These are the default controls, which are used throughout this manual. Occasionally the swap between Dan-hand and headless Dan will be disabled, when this is the case an icon of a head will appear on-screen. You might have seen some spare hands scampering about the place. Guide Dan towards a hand and wait until a glowing aura appears around it.

    Now hold down the button and press the button. Dan will place his head on the hand and voila! You now have a rather nifty Dan-Hand that you can use to explore every nook and cranny for hidden treasure and important items. You can also use Dan's headless body and the Dan-Hand independently of each other. While Dan-hand is off exploring, Dan's body can continue fighting off enemies and performing more strenous tasks. Cool, huh? Once you have the ability, if you have seen a hand earlier in the game you may want to go back and see if you can use Dan-hand ability on them to access secret areas.

    The Professor builds Dan a new body, designed to withstand the might of this fierce new adversary. Understandably, moving about in a new body takes a little getting used to, but luckily, the Professor has provided Dan with the instructions:. Once collected, these are automatically stored into Dan's inventory. To equip a weapon highlight one of the two weapon slots and press the button a second time, to exit the inventory press the SELECT or button.

    Weapons and shields are found on the first two lines, with other items below. Some items are only usable at certain points in the game.

    If you are attempting to use an item in the wrong place, a 'clunking' sound will play. At first you will not be able to touch the chalice. As enemies are dispatched, the chalice fills a little more with the souls of the defeated adversaries.

    Once the Chalice is full it is yours to collect. Bring it with you to the laboratory and give it to the Professor. Having studied the occult for many years, the Professor has learned how to tap the power of the undead and convert it into a useful source of energy. With this he'll be able to build you bigger and better weapons to use in your quest.

    The Inventions Bench, the Professor's desk and the Projector. Step on the floor-plates in front of each area to let the Professor know you're ready to speak to him. Winston will introduce the Professor to you, and in subsequent visits, this is where you'll usually find him. The Professor will be able to share with you any information he's picked up or keep you up to date with how well the quest is going.

    Take the Chalice up to the Invention bench and the Professor will give you your new weapon. Here, the Professor will brief you on your next mission. Step on the floor-plate, then press the button to hear the briefing, the button to begin the mission or the button to cancel the selection and return to the lab. Once you've made your selection, you will be offered the change to save your game. Whenever you see his spectral trail a glowing cloud of particles , walk up to it and press the button.

    Winston will offer you advice or warn you about impending doom. He's an enthusiastic little fella, but take heed - he can often be a little cryptic, so his advice may not be as straight-forward as it first seems.

    Though he's an unsavoury character, The Spiv is a useful contact - he can get you ammunition for your weapons To download items from the Spiv, walk up to him and press the button. Press the button again to continue to download items until you have either bought as many as you can carry or you have run out of money.

    In that screen you will see an icon of an item and the number of items of that type you can download, and another number to the right of it, indicating how much it will cost you to download. Note that you can only download the given amount of that item - for instance, if you wish to download 30 shots for you pistol , you will still be charged 30G for 50 shots.

    The amount you already own of the given item will be displayed in the bottom border. You can then use this to download items from the Spiv. Learn to spend wisely though, there may be items you can get for free that will cost you dearly if bought from the Spiv This is Dan's energy meter.

    When this is empty, Dan will die. However, energy bottles may be found that if kept stocked up, will automatically restore him to full 'health'. You can refill both your life bar and any empty life bottles at Health Fountains, which you'll see through your travels.

    Simply step into the green eruptions of the fountain and wait until you've either filled your life bar and bottles, or the fountain's natural source of power has been exhausted. You might also find small vials containing life energy, which you can use as a top-up measure. When you encounter boss enemies, you'll see that they too have an energy bar. You must try to deplte it before they can kill you.

    It's up to you to work out which weapons work best, but as a general rule, projectile weapons work better on enemies you can't reach. KEYS Some areas can only be accessed if you have the correct key or combination of keys. Look around as keys can often be found in hidden areas or might even be carried about by enemies.

    Bash these open to retrieve their contents. You might find something useful Pay attention to what he says, then explore the museum. Dotted around the museum you'll find books resting on lecterns. Some are history books, telling the story of the exhibits.

    Some offer advice and hints designed to help with your quest. Whenever you see a book, stand in front of it, then press the button. Elsewhere in the museum are a sword and a pistol, which will come in handy when attacking enemies from afar. As Sir Dan progresses through the game, the Professor will build for him new weapons that, in certain situations, can be used to better effect than his sword. Once you have two or more weapons, you can store them close to hand and toggle between them during battle this is especially useful when facing enemies whose weaknesses are only temporarily open to attack.

    Select two weapons from your inventory, then hold down the button and tap the button. You can do this at any time, even when running away from the enemy ARM Dan can remove his arm and use it as a club, or throw it at enemies. It is a reimagining of the original MediEvil. The game was released as a platinum title in Europe on June 2, Contents Differences from MediEvil The game features many alterations to the original structure and content, such as: The addition of the " Anubis Stone " sub-plot, which never appeared in the original game.

    The Anubis Stone replaces the power of the Chalices used to summon the undead army to help Dan at the end of the game. The Chalices can be collected as soon as they are found, rather than requiring Dan to kill enough enemies to pick them up. However, Dan still has to fill the Chalice with the souls of his enemies in order to be taken to the Hall of Heroes. The green target indicator that was only used for ranged weapons in the original game is now present at all times, even while Dan is using melee weapons or only his arm.

    This also allows Dan to lock-on when fighting enemies. The game now includes two-handed weapons that prevent Dan from using a shield. The Warhammer is one of these weapons. Many things such as level design and characters were changed drastically, and some levels from the original were removed altogether.

    Dan's Crypt features books with extensive in-game tutorials, as well as a room that showcases all the weapons that the player has collected.

    There are also illustrated books with enemy data, which include hints on how to defeat each enemy. Some levels were merged in order to make them longer, such as the Pumpkin Gorge and The Pumpkin Serpent levels from the original. The Pumpkin King is fought in the Pumpkin Gorge, rather than in a seperate stage.

    New levels and characters were introduced, the cutscenes are completely original, and the game was given a much more comical, cartoon-like style as opposed to the Gothic horror of the original.

    In order to make the game even more comical, the narrator cracks jokes about the game world during loading screens. The soundtrack is also completely orchestrated, and many of the themes from the original were removed while new themes were created to fit with the new levels. Unlike in the original game, there is no alternate ending; Dan still goes to the Hall of Heroes regardless of whether he collects all of the chalices.

    Many of the characters have had their personalities and backstories altered to fit inline with the more comedic tone that game takes. Dan can utilise a variety of weapons, including melee weapons such as swords and axes and ranged weapons like throwing daggers and crossbows.

    If Dan defeats enough enemies to collect the Chalice of Souls hidden throughout each level, he will be able to travel to the Hall of Heroes where a legendary hero will reward him with a new weapon or other helpful items.

    Dan possesses a single life bar throughout the game, which can be sustained by collecting Life Bottles throughout the game which can be replenished by energy vials and Life Fountains. The PSP version also includes some exclusive minigames which can also be played using local multiplayer. Characters Sir Daniel Fortesque - The captain of the guard who fell in the first wave of arrows at the Battle of Gallowmere.

    He was resurrected by Zarok years later and has been given a chance in death to prove himself to be the hero he never was in life. He is voiced by Jason Wilson. Zarok the Sorcerer - Evil sorcerer who was once part of King Peregrine's retinue and was banished for meddling with the dead. Defeated at the battle of Gallowmere, he returned years later to plague Gallowmere once again. He is voiced by Paul Darrow. Al-Zalam - A powerful Genie from the east whose powers were stripped by Zarok, now a bothersome squatter in Sir Dan's skull.

    He offers advice to Sir Dan and tries to pull off jokes when he gets the chance. He seems to be a mix of Winston and Morten. Death - The Grim Reaper himself appears in the game. He is extremely frustrated with Zarok's raising the dead all over, making his job quite difficult.

    He is fond of Sir Dan and is sort of a mentor to him.

    He also narrates the game and makes witty commentary. He is voiced by Tom Baker in the English version of the game. The game starts out as a narrative, telling the player about the Kingdom of Gallowmere. The game puts the player in control of Sir Daniel Fortesque: a brave according to him knight who, despite his tales of gallantry, was the first to die during the battle against the evil wizard Zarok; he was hit in the eye by an arrow in the first charge of a battle with Zarok's undead armies back in However, his story was warped to make it that he is a hero.

    One century later, in , Zarok returns, casts a spell which curses an eternal night upon Gallowmere, robs the citizens in a nearby village of their souls and awakens his undead army.

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